Instructions for Use

How to use:

Step 1. Shave before using.

Step 2. Plug the Silky Skin device into the wall socket. (The device does not work without being plugged in with the charging cord)

Step 3. Press the power/on-off button on the back of the device (the button will turn green and flash when the plug is connected to the electric current). Simply press it and it will stop flashing.

Step 4. By pressing the green button, you can set the modes: there are 5 different modes. (Settings change from lowest to highest, and the higher the intensity, the better the results). It is important to choose a suitable intensity for you.

Step 5. If you then press the large white/pink button with the gold frame, the device will flash. This flash appears whenever you press it. You can also press and hold the white button for a few seconds, then release it. The SilkySkin device automatically flashes when it touches the skin without the need to press the white button. (Put the device directly on your skin to work safely and flash)

Step 6. If you want to turn off the device, press long on the green power/on-off button.

SilkySkin Device suits these skin tones:

Note: Use the SilkySkin device constantly, once or twice a week for rapid results.

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